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The art of fine bathing.

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The Art of Fine Bathing

Fragrance is food for the soul. Being able to enjoy wonderful smells is a vital part of keeping a good balance. A fine art, if you will.

"The Lux Aromatica Lavender Candle has an amazing fragrance that is not overwhelming and does not have the sweet strong smell that most candles have. It helps me relax while doing my meditation."

Being Green


We get LOTS of stuff - containers, packaging, luscious raw ingredients, all of which come to us with plenty of protective packing material. All that material gets re-used, up-cycled, or recycled. Literally nothing goes in the trash.

Packing peanuts: if you get packing peanuts from us, it's because they came to us in packaging. Save them and use them when you ship out your next package. Bubble wrap: resist the urge to pop it. We know, it's so much fun, but really, re-use that stuff. Using AIR for protective packaging keeps your shipping costs way down. Boxes: we re-use sturdy boxes and use the wrinkly ones at home under mulch for lasagna gardening. It keeps the weeds out and the moisture in.