Step inside the Apothecary

Smells good in here!

Soapy Greetings on a Wintry Wednesday!

Happy New Year! …from your favorite apothecary makers. We miss you since closing C’ville Soapbox, and were sorry to disappear overnight! Read on for the back-story… So what happened? When a place like C’ville Soapbox closes, everyone wonders why. You have been amazingly supportive customers and we love you. We know how much you appreciate …

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Stink Bugs

For those of you affected by the invasive Brown Marmorated Stinkbug… We’ve created an essential oil complex that stink bugs run from, in an all natural wax base. The idea is to keep them from getting inside. If the cold of winter naturally diminishes their numbers, all the better. I tested all the essential oils …

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New locations!

We opened our new little apothecary in Charlottesville in Spring 2016. With C’ville Soapbox humming along and our wholesale business growing, we’re transitioning to a new shopping location for our Orange customers. The need for more dedicated studio time to get stuff made has prompted the decision to close the shop portion of our studio …

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Moisturizing vs Emollient

This time of year, it’s critical to hydrate your insides & moisturize your outside. The lower humidity, sweeping winds and dry forced-air heating suck the moisture out of our skin. Hot showers aren’t quite the answer – they dry us out too! Warm showers, warm baths, good quality non-drying handmade soap and plenty of water-laden …

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Recent Update

We like to keep it dressy-casual around here and not bog you down with too many posts. It’s just not sexy. One customer eagerly awaits our rare updates and described them as chapters of a Southern Gothic tale. So let’s get to it. Whether we met you at a craft show or in our (relatively) …

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