The magic of candlelight. What do you crave? Imagine accords that uplift, soothe, and harmonize. Blends that ground you after a rough day, cleanse you after a good work-out, or transport you for a while. Will you enjoy your candle while settled on the sofa with a book, relaxing with a glass of wine and your thoughts? For romantic ambiance? Does it help you feel creative when you’re working?

Candles are both a mystery and an answer. They satisfy an ancient desire for natural firelight. Their glow softens the edges at the end of a rough day, or lends elegant ambience to a social gathering. When scented with essential oils, they elevate mood, invite relaxation, and soothe away tension.

While your candle burns, the slowly melting wax dispenses fragrance into the air at a steady, pleasant rate. They have cotton wicks for a clean burn that uses all the wax without waste, and you can recycle the glass containers or re-purpose them after washing with warm soapy water.

Always use care with candles and flame. Remove any packaging. Trim wick to 1/4” before lighting. Keep melt pool free of debris. Burn within sight on a stable, heat-safe surface, away from drafts and flammable items. Limit burn time to four hours. Do not use cap to extinguish flame. Keep from children and pets.

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