Candle – Orange Blossom


Orange Blossom is an illusive floral. In perfumery, “fugitive” describes how quickly an essence escapes. Orange Blossom, aka Neroli, lifts away quickly, dispersing a sweeping bouquet, then disappearing like musical notes. Please note, this is a heady white flower with soft green notes, rather than the tangy scent of citrus fruit rind. Citrus flowers yield only minute quantities of oil, making it extremely precious. We have captured the soft mysterious sweetness of Orange Blossom for you, and wish you joy in its sublime beholding.


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Aromatica Candles: Transform your de-stress routine to a luxurious experience with the uplifting fragrances of Virginia Aromatics. Comfortingly familiar, our decor-neutral heavy tumbler jars have been with us since 2008.

In our small-batch studio, we begin with paper-core wicks, then gently blend our scrumptious fragrances into molten soy and coconut wax. We package them with eco-friendly kraft boxes and labels of our own design, before sending them out to the world.

Ingredients: Soy Wax, Coconut Wax, Paper-core Wick, Essential Oil

Burn time & Weight: 60 hr (7 oz)

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