Soapy Greetings on a Wintry Wednesday!

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Happy New Year!

…from your favorite apothecary makers. We miss you since closing C’ville Soapbox, and were sorry to disappear overnight! Read on for the back-story…

So what happened?

When a place like C’ville Soapbox closes, everyone wonders why. You have been amazingly supportive customers and we love you. We know how much you appreciate our fragrant bath & body luxuries. C’ville Soapbox was a tiny safe space to stop, breathe, experience an old-world shopping moment, and then bring home something fabulous. Just as we were celebrating our ninth birthday, we had to close our darling little storefront location and find a new home.

It was a painful decision. In a nutshell, we couldn’t make financial sense of agreeing to a lease renewal that would increase our base rent to 20% of revenues plus extras. Retail just doesn’t work that way, and so sadly, an amazing shop went away. However, Virginia Aromatics is entering its tenth year of making handmade apothecary delights for luxuriously pampered skin. We thank you for your long and loyal support!

One last glimpse of the Soapbox.


Fear not, brave bather! Here’s the soapily delicious news: We have worked out a wonderful plan with Michie Tavern’s General Store for as much shelf space as we had at the Soapbox, and been madly working to make the transition. A few bits and pieces are still in the studio, but you know the drill. It’s all freshly handmade, and that’s why you love us. You’ll find your zen under our old sign on the back wall.

It’s getting there!

Don’t they serve fried chicken & biscuits?

So mosey on over to Michie Tavern; it’s an EIGHT minute drive from downtown, but a world away from the hustle. The General Store houses the old grist Mill and dates back to 1797. It’s the big Swiss-chalet-looking edifice at the bottom of the steep parking lot. Erica and the ladies and gents in period dress are there to help.

Our new home. No fried chicken down at the Mill!
Snowy greetings from Shadow. Mommy’s taking a studio break to play with me in the “snow.”

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