Bath Salt Soak large – Lavender


Floral, clean, and herbaceous, Lavender is a universally beloved fragrance, appreciated since ancient times. Native across Europe, Africa, and Asia, Lavender has been used for thousands of years by the world’s peoples for its many wonderful properties and complex, soothing fragrance. We add a titch of woody notes to support the Lavender essential oil for a longer lasting fragrance.


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Close the door on the world for a moment as you indulge in a warm relaxing bath salt soak. Soothing oatmeal, clay, and salts to disperse into the water, while the gentle scent and tonic accompaniment of North Atlantic sea kelp relaxes you like a dream. Our spouted pouch is ideal for the bathroom, keeping your salts protected from humidity, and is shatterproof if dropped.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Dendritic Salt, Essential Oil Fragrance, Clay, Oatmeal, Sea Kelp

Weight small kraft: 4 oz

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