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Orange Blossom is an illusive floral. In perfumery, “fugitive” describes how quickly an essence escapes. Orange Blossom, aka Neroli, lifts away quickly, dispersing a sweeping bouquet, then disappearing like musical notes. Please note, this is a heady white flower with soft green notes, rather than the tangy scent of citrus fruit rind. Citrus flowers yield only minute quantities of oil, making it extremely precious. We have captured the soft mysterious sweetness of Orange Blossom for you, and wish you joy in its sublime beholding.

1 review for Perfume – Orange Blossom

  1. Aine Avvampato

    Every time I roll this on, I smile. The scent is happy and sunny and completely natural. My mom bought this for me as a gift, while we were on a road trip, and the tiny bottle has lasted me a few years now. It feels like silk on your skin, and I only wish you made lotions and other products in the orange blossom scent.

    • Wildcrafted

      Hi Aine, thank you for sharing your joy! You can find Orange Blossom bar soap here. We retired Orange Blossom bottled lotion and liquid soap, but you can email us to order your refill-size version!

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Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Fragrance, Alkyl Ester

Weight: 0.33 oz

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